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Every bit of real estate on this pleasantly plump camcorder is used. Because of its size and shape, the unit may be a little uncomfortable for users to hold for long periods of time. To enhance the users grip of the PC, the architects at Sony added a plastic swing arm "holding grip.

The remote is logical in its camera and VCR control layout and includes photo, audio dub and index functions. The color separation and contrast in the evaluation unit we received was impressive for a single CCD camera. In the field we shot footage of a small-venue rock concert with high intensity gelled lights and a mixture of flamboyant colors and black-clad artists. It held auto focus on our subjects well and transitioned from brightly-lit stage to dark crowd shots with surprising ease.

The optical zoom of the DCR-PC is with the digital zoom having a useful setting and a highly pixelized setting. We found that the EIS electronic image stabilization controlled minute shakes well when zoomed-in to the optical max. When we switched to manual focus, we found that the toggle to implement the function was easy to engage and that the focus ring on the lens operated smoothly.

Sounds Good The audio recorded from the on-camera mike is very good. Like all cameras in the consumer category, automatic gain control manages audio levels, much like auto shutter and white balance manage light levels. With the high sound pressure levels of the live music we recorded, the AGC performed well with audible limiting of the signal but not to the point of annoyance.

Besides the high quality Mini DV image it captures, it has full digital still photo features. The flash has several modes and intensities including red-eye reduction. You can either shoot straight to the Stick or transfer previously shot footage from tape to the stick.

We quickly edited the clips to our satisfaction with the included MGI image and video software and sent our fun multi-media mail. NightShot and the even higher gain Super NightShot work very well, producing a monochromatic image in total darkness. Digital effects, backlight compensation, titling and the intelligent accessory shoe for adding an optional shotgun mike also come with this little overeater. We had no trouble shooting for over minutes, using the LCD the entire time. Healthy Stock Although the DCR-PC is not the most comfortable camera to hold, the features and image quality of this tiny toughie make it a great choice.

Multi-image media is what this camera is about and its result from all outputs is impressive. The DCR-PC will find a welcome home with those that have need for its diversity, image quality and stature.


DCR-PC110E - Sony Movie Service Manual (repair manual)



DCR-PC1, DCR-PC1E - Sony Movie Service Manual (repair manual)



Sony DCR-PC110E Manuals



DCR-PC1, DCR-PC1E - Sony Movie Service Manual (repair manual)


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