She dispenses all of this great wisdom with a consistently positive, hopeful and uplifting perspective that is extremely compelling and is increasingly resonating with people around the globe. Dolores Cannon has accumulated all of this vast knowledge from her forty years as a pioneering hypnotherapist, past-life regressionist, counselor and healer. She has performed thousands of hypnotherapy sessions with a whole cross section of clients who have revealed to her their origins as extra-terrestrial beings on other planets, in other universes, and in other lives. Cannon was able to gain all of this vital information by taking her clients into what is known as the somnambulistic level, which is a hypnotic state that accesses the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind that most therapists were reluctant to delve into, until recently. Within that part of the subconscious mind, that totally bypasses the conscious mind, can be found a very accurate and detailed record of anything and everything a soul being has experienced in all their lifetimes combined.

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Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing This is yet another extremely informative, fascinating and mind-expanding book by Dolores Cannon, one of my favourite authors.

I greatly admire this author for her tremendous service to mankind in communicating all this information to us and also in leaving us in no doubt whatsoever as to the existence of the extra-terrestrials. The book is entitled "The custodians" in view of the fact that we are rapidly destroying our planet, and the extra-terrestrials have felt themselves obliged to take on a custodial role here on Earth.

Radical earth changes are widely prophesied to occur at the end of and many have already taken place and when severe things like these happen to Earth, this will affect, perhaps drastically, all other planets, the whole universe, and probably many other universes. So these beings cannot just sit quietly and leave us to our own devices - though they are not allowed to "interfere" in our development, they feel they must do what they can to alleviate any coming drastic effects.

The material presented in this book is too comprehensive for me to do more than provide an inkling as to the information contained therein. But I can say that the author begins by exploring cases of "missing time", which is one of the first signs that something untoward has happened, and that the persons concerned may have been abducted.

Regression provides access to what has taken place in the missing time. Detailed descriptions of the various alien types are given. The advanced forms of aliens have a great admiration of Dolores Cannon because of her work to get information out to us Earthlings about them, and therefore she gets to communicate with and interview many of their "top people", those with knowledge of the most advanced concepts.

Towards the end of the book we experience a very emotional and touching meeting between Janice and her "real" space-father. In the penultimate chapter, Dolores regresses one of her colleagues working in the same field, Bonnie, and obtains valuable information from this regression. Bonnie had been abducted from the highway late at night, and her abductors regarded her as a wonderful "catch", because of all the information they could copy from her mind, mostly about how human beings are being affected by the alien visits.

The aliens partly want to communicate with us, and enlighten us about themselves, partly they desire as much information as possible about us. We are told that another planet is being prepared for us in the event that we render the Earth uninhabitable. They have produced "genetic duplicates" of us so we are not allowed to perish. This is a very exciting book, as are all her books. Please read it.


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Custodians: Beyond Abduction



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