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See instructions below on how to install. These units are programmed with a web browser. They have a default IP address of The Links below are to the installation and configuration documents. Using the specified cables will prevent many problems. These are the cable specifications for all generations of DSX Hardware.

These specified or equivalent cables are the only ones DSX will support. These are the cables tested with the system and approved by UL. It will not function properly for panel communications. In WinDSX it is important to check these items: a. There must be a Device 0 defined under Devices. There must be a unique Comm Port defined.

Please see configuration examples in LAN module instructions for more information on how to apply these settings correctly. This is caused by the increased number of regional time zones in Windows.

The problem is corrected with WinDSX 3. Logon must have full permission over local where the software is installed at the client and shared WinDSX folders and subfolders.

These must match. If changed, the Comm Server Program cs. There is a Firewall or Port Blocked. Time Zone Linking - Software Versions 3. This new linking logic will only work if all of the controllers in the location are of Series, , or controllers with the PR5 retrofit processor.

All controllers in the location will require firmware V or higher. This feature cannot be used if any of the controllers are of the old style Series or The 3. History file getting too large? In WinDSX you can configure how many days to keep in the history logs of your system.

In both cases you are setting the number of days of history to be stored. In the past, some Device Types such as D5 had multiple compatibilities. If you require more Device Types than you have Devices, you can simply add an additional Device and give it the Device Type you require even though there will not actually be a controller with that address. You cannot assign two different Device Types that are of the same bit length. This means that you cannot have more than 1 device type of the same bit length programmed in the system.

There cannot be two different 26 bit formats or two different 37 bit formats in the Device List. It is ok to have the same Device Type more than once. Once the different Device Types required have been addressed with the first few devices in the list, the rest of the devices can have the same Device Type.

This feature only applies to Wiegand Formats. It cannot be used for Clock and Data formats. Clock and Data formats are typically, but not always used for Magnetic Stripe and Barcode type readers.

DSX Flash. WinDSX software needs a printer driver installed before reports can be run. A printer is only needed if you want to print the reports to paper.

This will control whether or not WAV sounds will play. Also make sure in Workstation that the Alarm Window bottom scrolling window is open so you can see alarms. The procedure and files necessary to do so are on the Software Installation Drive in the Utilities folder. Masking or not displaying the last User Name on the Login screen as per the software installation manual only applies to the database program. To prevent the Workstation program from displaying the last user name, it must be auto-started from DataBase.

With the placement of the GOV. Newer software requires the password to be at least 6 characters. Multiple iterations of the same event showing in workstation has been determined to be caused by more than one Comm Server cs.

If used, these options must be set for each location and each workstation. Enable and set these everywhere. If not what you may see is that Workstation displays the correct time but events from the controllers may show up with the wrong time.

Doors may not lock or unlock when they should. You may not be able to Edit or Add cards. The Time Zones that are being linked to cannot be assigned to what is initiating the link. Build as many Time Zones as necessary to make sure that when you link to a Time Zone it only affects those things you want affected.

Re-using Time Zones could cause something to be controlled from a Link that was not desired. The Log. When this file becomes too large it can cause History reports to run slowly, or not run at all.

In some cases, even the Delete Records option s in the Backup History section may not work correctly. The copied file will still be available for History reports prior to this procedure.

But if the size of the file is too large, reports may still be questionable. It will start recording history from Comm Server as of the date and time this procedure was done. The abort delay option will only delay the reporting of an Alarm condition for an input. It will NOT delay the reporting of a Trouble condition for an input. When you are using two devices to control the same door Connect the output 1 of 1 device to the input 8 of the other device.

Use the Hardware Installation Manual for a diagram and programming information. Mounts in metal enclosure that existing P comes out of with 4 existing screws. Place a short across the input and lock power should restore for locks Use caution when wiring readers to the panel. Readers will not work if they are wired improperly. However, there is 5VDC. Also, make sure there is a short between the Relay Override input terminals near the center of the Controller.

A separate power supply must be used for lock power. When troubleshooting a reader on a panel, take the reader to the DSX panel and terminate it directly to the reader port. If the reader works fine at the panel, check the field wire for ground faults and shorts. Communications loss when relay outputs are cycled energized or de-energized is commonly due to a counter EMF spike. Counter EMF spike is best described as the collapsing of the magnetic field when a coil is de-energized.

When a door strike or maglock is powered down. The magnetic field collapses and the energy must go somewhere. It is important to switch positive power to the coil driven device and keep the ground to that device constant and place an MOV across the connections from your wire to the device.

This allows the MOV to activate when the field spikes to high and shunt the energy to the ground wire right at the device. Troubleshooting this is simple. Cycle one or more relays up to 50 times or until the comm. Then remove the wiring from the relays you are testing and cycle them again and this time there should be no comm. Try the same test again once you have wired the device with a constant ground and an MOV.

Use different MOVs for 12 and 24V locks.


DSX DSX-1022 Access control controller




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