Every person has an Alt - a genetically identical twin - and they must prove their worth to the community by eliminating that Alt before they turn Only upon "completion" do the citizens finally get to live a peaceful life. That sounds epic, right? Sadly, I was slightly disappointed. This novel held a lot of promise, but right from the get go it became obvious that the concept left a lot of questions by which you can poke holes in the logic of the world building. Basically, this is a walled community, set up by a society called The Board.

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Posted on May 9, by At Home With Books Dualed is set in a world where everyone born into the city of Kersh has a genetic double, and when the time comes these genetic twins have to fight each other until one of them dies. Only the strongest version of each person will survive, earning the privilege of living out the rest of their life in Kersh. The potential for psychological damage to the characters in this story is extreme, and West Grayer is no exception. Many people in her life have died as a result of the battles — either by being destroyed by their alternate, or as innocent bystanders.

Then there is the traumatic reality of having to kill another version of yourself. How do you look someone in the eye, who is basically you but raised in a different household, and kill them? The answer is, of course, that there is no choice. West finds a way to train more intensely for when she will be called upon to kill her alternate, becoming desensitized to killing. The story became surprisingly thoughtful and slow considering that West was fighting battles frequently. In all of this, I expected that she would try to rebel against the system; that she would walk away from the city or do something extreme in protest.

Instead she spent a lot of time hiding. Rating: 3.


Divided (Dualed Sequel)



Dualed by Elsie Chapman


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