Cancel anytime. People who bought this also bought Waitley Narrated by: Denis E. The outcome of the game is on your shoulders. So ask yourself: Is my career a runaway success? Am I a champion to my family?

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His mission is to tell people they have more control over their destiny than they believe. He preaches the importance of basic virtues in business — integrity, self-esteem, and responsibility. Waitley has counseled Apollo astronauts, Superbowl athletes and Fortune executives, as well as helped U.

Olympic champions enhance their performance. He stares you straight in the eye when you meet and while you speak. The two years he spoke to an NFL football team, they lost only one game and won the Super Bowl twice. The standing ovation you received was a testimony to the message and its outstanding delivery.

It undoubtedly was the most successful such meeting we have ever conducted and was due in large part to your presence and contribution. Merrill Lynch Motivation has many practitioners and yet, in our experience, few real experts. Your presentation to our annual convention underscored your role at the forefront of the motivational speaker field. United Van Lines We knew your presentation would be the hit of our sales meeting and sure enough, it was.

We have received nothing but rave reviews and requests for information on where to buy your books and tapes. IBM Everyone in attendance was impacted by your message.

In fact, we have been asked to contact you about scheduling a seminar for all of our Account Executives. Northwestern Bell Your message was exactly what we wanted. Bell South Our members are telling us that your keynote speech was the best beginning of an annual meeting in years.

The tempo, message and delivery were perfect for our group. National Association of Convenience Stores Your material, your delivery, and your personality all added up to making your presentation one of the outstanding ones during our entire convention. American Concrete Pipe Association Dr. His delivery effectively employed every quality public speaking tool.

His oratory skill combined with his enthusiasm for his personal strategy for more meaningful living, make his address highly motivating and persuasive. National Association of Accountants The talk by Dr.

Waitley was one of the finest we have ever heard. All of our team gained a great deal from it and I am sure they will apply it in their lives. Harris Semiconductor One of the highest ratings ever received by a keynote speaker at our events. The Waitley Way works! And he has the rare ability to motivate every reader and listener.

Denis Waitley has given the world a blueprint for success in achieving that dream. Waitley and my advice is to read and listen to everything you can from this man. He has special stuff! Through his research, Denis Waitley confirms this premise and creatively takes us step-by-step to become more consistent, top-level performers in our careers and daily lives. I draw on his strength to help me make decisions affecting American athletes, many of whom achieve world-class status.

In my sad or low moments, I think of him and smile. The future has arrived! This program is a wake-up call for individual and team leadership. High performance teamwork in a fast-forward world.

Attitudes and actions of the wealthiest Americans. A positive parenting guide concerning children of all ages and family situations. Learn what separates champions from the rest of the pack. The Psychology of Motivation Encyclopedia The most comprehensive, single source available! Based on the most definitive research from recognized behavioral scientists on virtually every aspect of high-performance human achievement.

A few of the subjects include: Internal vs external motivation.


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Brataur Sep 24, Sandhya rated it really liked it. I gave it a star but still put it on the Turd Heap. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Every Story is drawn from real world.


Empires of the Mind: Lessons To Lead And Succeed In A Knowledge-Based World



Denis Waitley


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