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A person with severe stage-3 hidradenitis suppurativa will also develop fistulas. Medical treatment Complications from gallbladder surgery can lead to biliary fistula. Radiation therapy can lead to vesicovaginal fistula. An arteriovenous fistula can be deliberately created, as described below in therapeutic use. Trauma Head trauma can lead to perilymph fistulas , whereas trauma to other parts of the body can cause arteriovenous fistulas.

Obstructed labor can lead to vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas. Vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas may also be caused by rape, in particular gang rape, and rape with foreign objects, as evidenced by the abnormally high number of women in conflict areas who have suffered fistulae. So many cases have been reported that the destruction of the vagina is considered a war injury and recorded by doctors as a crime of combat.

Typically the first step in treating a fistula is an examination by a doctor to determine the extent and "path" that the fistula takes through the tissue. In some cases the fistula is temporarily covered, for example a fistula caused by cleft palate is often treated with a palatal obturator to delay the need for surgery to a more appropriate age.

Surgery is often required to assure adequate drainage of the fistula so that pus may escape without forming an abscess. Various surgical procedures are commonly used, most commonly fistulotomy , placement of a seton a cord that is passed through the path of the fistula to keep it open for draining , or an endorectal flap procedure where healthy tissue is pulled over the internal side of the fistula to keep feces or other material from reinfecting the channel.

Treatment involves filling the fistula with fibrin glue; also plugging it with plugs made of porcine small intestine submucosa have also been explored in recent years, with variable success. Surgery for anorectal fistulae is not without side effects, including recurrence, reinfection, and incontinence.

A high rate of recurrence and more chances of complications like incontinence are always there in fistula surgeries Anal Fistula. It is important to note that surgical treatment of a fistula without diagnosis or management of the underlying condition, if any, is not recommended.

There is a unique and superior treatment using fibrin glue to close the anal fistulas that take cares of patient comfort, an undisturbed sphincter function, reduced hospital stay, reduced the need of the postoperative analgesia and minimized operative trauma, wound pain, complications and adverse reactions.

This minimal invasive procedure helps quick recovery of patients in order to continue their normal daily activities.

As a radical treatment for portal hypertension , surgical creation of a portacaval fistula produces an anastomosis between the hepatic portal vein and the inferior vena cava across the omental foramen of Winslow. This spares the portal venous system from high pressure which can cause esophageal varices, caput medusae , and hemorrhoids.







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