Welsing, who was the child of physician Henry Cress and teacher Ida Mae Griffen, grew up the middle of three daughters. After earning her M. Welsing spent nearly twenty-five years working as a staff physician for D. Welsing opened her own private practice in D.

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Share Tweet Share Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, whose ideas on racism and white supremacy inspired hip-hop artists and civil rights activists, was respected by Black people but barely known by white. Frances Cress Welsing, a psychiatrist whose ideas on racism and domination inspired hip-hop artists and civil rights activists, was mourned when she died in but her message barely broke through the consciousness of white people.

Welsing believed that white people have a genetics problem. Her career in child and general psychiatry included working for 25 years as a staff physician for the Department of Human Services in Washington, D. Welsing was also the clinical director of two schools for children with emotional troubles and opened her own private practice in D.

In the essay, she offered her interpretation on the origins of what she described as white supremacy culture. Through her published works and research, Welsing tried to solve the mental health problems of the Black community by understanding racism.

Welsing died at age Here are 10 things to know about Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. She wanted to solve mental health issues in Black communities Welsing said she had to understand racism to solve mental health problems in the Black community, according to BlackPast. In a segment with talk-show host Phil Donahue, Welsing said that her thinking about racism stemmed from her work as a psychiatrist.

They may have been forcibly expelled from Africa due to this defective mutation, Welsing wrote. White supremacy caused these issues, according to Welsing. She said that the emasculation of Black men prevents procreation of Black people — one of the goals of racism white supremacy. She described this effeminization as a form of oppression. Because people of color have the genetic capacity to annihilate white people. Frances Cress Welsing.. RIP to the elder Dr. Asante and directed by Owen Alik Shahadah.

Dr Frances Cress Welsing was right about fearing genetic annihilation, a serious natural reaction tossing that doll.


10 Things To Know About Scholar Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Her father, Dr. Henry N. Cress, was a physician, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, was a teacher. In , she earned a B. In the s, Welsing moved to Washington, D.


Frances Cress Welsing (1935–2016)

In order to rid the world of racism, it must be confronted and dealt with appropriately. If we are ever to see a world without racism then we must understand it, then annihilate it. What is Racism? Neely Fully Jr. Racism, in the form of White Supremacy is the greatest motivating force by people that exists among the people of the known universe. Every person in the known Universe is either practicing White Supremacy, or he or she is compelled at all times, to react to those person who are practicing it. During the existence of Racism, no Non-White person is, or can be, a Racist.


Dr. Frances Welsing: “White Supremacy” Is Rooted In Fear Of Genetic Annihilation



Frances Cress Welsing


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