If you want to read about the history of SBI, then the bank has published it in multiple volumes. Instead this book is purely about that dramatic transformation. The event starts when Sri. Bhatt takes office as the new chairman of the mammoth organization. After going through transformation changes occurred in other companies worldwide, and learning from them, Mr. The western world is different.

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Grits, Guts and Gumption by mini blob Decades ago a visitor to a local branch of SBI, after suffering two hours of ordeal for getting a DD, commented about the Logo of the bank. But surprisingly now the image of the bank has witnessed a sea change thanks to the grit, guts and enterprise of one of the most dynamic bank executives of the country Mr. It is a great experiment and a classic example of what the human spirit can achieve under an inspired leadership.

He changed attitudes, skills and knowledge of employees for the better, effected ambience improvements through out the organization and made SBI a world class MNC bank. Successful implementation of Business Process Reengineering improved the quality of customer service. The concepts of Dharma, service and self development were propagated and the employees were asked to take a parivartan pledge and implement it.

The detailed process by which SBI. Further efforts were made to sharpen human skills empowering every employee as an internal change agent triggering them to act for the progress of the bank providing of course the necessary infrastructure. This was the core of the transformation strategy Mr. Bhatt applied for solid results during his tenure as head of the SBI for over 3 years. The conviction that culture can be changed, the need to motivate employees drawing richly from the Bhagavad Gita and eastern wisdom rather than depending on the western model, discovery of the inner potential of each employee, team building and the primary mission of making SBI a world class MNC bank and recognizing the long term aspirations of the employees were key elements in his new strategy.

The SBI experience and the strategy Mr. Bhatt adopted, outlined in the book is a model for other large public sector undertakings especially banks, worthy of emulation. The results dispel the prevailing notion in some quarters that public sector undertakings are incapable of improvement. In fact they can be made crest jewels worn with pride in the crown of the Government. The SBI experience and strategy is beautifully and interestingly presented in 12 chapters as mentioned below: Chapters 1.

SBI gets a new leader 2. The first six months 3. Yes, culture can be changed 4. Building a new work environment 5. Changing form to function better 7. Harnessing strengths to deliver results 8. Gold on the haystack 9.

Outrunning the hares Setting he bank on a growth track Stock taking and making sense of journey so far T Ramaswamy.


Grits, Guts and Gumption

Start your review of Grit, Guts, and Gumption: Driving Change in a State-Owned Giant Write a review Jun 02, Shreyas Iyengar rated it it was ok Its one of the best inspiring stories about organization transformation in public sector supported by many facts, figures, ideas and problems they have faced during this transformation. It takes decades, in some cases. That is why we need to start the process today. We are already 20 years too late. It is indeed a daunting but not an impossible task. To win the battle, we need to transform the bank. But let us begin with transforming ourselves.


Grit, Guts, and Gumption: Driving Change in a State-Owned Giant



Grit Guts and Gumption: Driving Change in a State-owned Giant




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