General retail Team bases In HeroClix introduced the concept of a "Team Base", a larger base where figures can be slotted into for team play. HeroClix has published modified rules for the use of the team bases. The figures and rules were compatible with both Clix systems but HorrorClix figures are not tournament-legal for HeroClix tournaments. These were the first dual-branded figures as they appeared in a HeroClix set yet also came packed with HorrorClix monster cards, making them fully compatible with either Clix system. Although further Zombies appeared in the set Mutations and Monsters, the original four figures were not reprinted and the subsequent Zombie HeroClix were not part of the HorrorClix games. Indy HeroClix[ edit ] The B.

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What did I get? We are missing a couple of the uncommons, though we did pull both versions of She-Hulk including the rarer Prime! Weirdworld leaders arrive here to take control of their common soldiers with Crystar and Man-Thing Commander, and similar is Maestro to the Worldbreakers from Battleworld: Other.

Captain America is a theme unto himself in this set with several different versions that you can swap out during the game thanks to his Shifting Focus trait, and the uncommon incarnation is equipped with the light shield from the late 90s run. The uncommons wrap up with a couple of long-awaited characters premiering in HeroClix: Stick and Erik Killmonger.

And then there are our three super rares, the highest rarity we pulled. As you can see in the photos there are some truly tremendous sculpts in this brick alone. There are some really fun and character-appropriate poses like the Captains America swinging his shield, Sheriff Steve Rogers standing tall against outlaws with one hand on his firearm, the traitor Alex Wilder leading his unwitting team forward, Arkon leaping into the fray with abandon, and Chase Stein doing the same.

Similarly, the Secret Wars Battleworld set is full of interestingly painted minis, with bright colors, metal armor, translucent energy effects, etc. First, it gives us a whole second set of these characters for team building options. Remember that Fast Forces figures are the same sculpts as their main set counterparts but with entirely different dials that bring with them different point values, powers, play styles, etc.

There are also some very specific storylines and issues referenced on their cards and indeed power sets, most notably with Sister Grimm and Talkback relating to their time in Avengers Arena. Team building is super easy with this Runaways set. You guessed it, that all adds up to an even ! As Princess Powerful she clocks in at 50 points with a very straightforward 6-click dial. Every odd numbered click is a super powered one with Charge, Invulnerability, and a special power combining Super Strength with the ability to generate standard light objects for free!

Then on the even clicks she gets a little tired, with a decrease in stats and a switch to Sidestep and Toughness. While a bit squishy on those sleepy clicks the Princess here can potentially deal a ton of damage on her strong clicks, punching way about her weight just like in the comics.

I really like having both options! Talkback, better known as Chase Stein, is the jock son of two evil super scientists, though while he appears dumb he is actually quite intelligent and inventive. Chase in the main set is 35 points with powers representing both his high tech Fistigons weapons and the Leapfrog craft he pilots to transport the team.

Here in the Fast Forces Talkback is 50 points with an interesting split dial. Then, as depicted in Avengers Arena, he gets hold of the Darkhawk Amulet and gets supercharged! This is a pretty radical departure in powers and utility for a Chase Stein figure, and another welcome addition to the Runaways lineup of options. You can get your hands on boosters right now at special Secret Wars Battleworld pre-release events at participating venues now through October 16th , with the full release happening on October 17th.

Check to see if your local venue is on the list on the WizKids Info Network. As always, have fun and good luck with your pulls! Scroll down to check out a photo gallery of all the figures from this brick.

Visit the brand new and improved HeroClix. Review and photos by Scott Rubin. Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games.


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