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Taut In many situations this will present no problem. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This applies to most biamplified and triamplified systems employing compression SECTION MANUAL drivers, in conventional systems with passive, high- level dividing networks, the network comes between the power ampllfer and the driver s so the protection is already built-in. Repairs and Warranty This product is warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Similarly, longer input cables should be balanced or floating to reduce susceptibility to RFI and hum.

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Visit our Help Center for the latest info. Learn More Sorry, this listing is no longer available. Description Very good condition, hardly used. This Crossover was used with a set of speakers, so it has the internal cards set up for those speakers Seems to work fine, very good condition, includes copy of product specification sheet and operation manual. The JBL UREI electronic frequency dividing network is an active stereo crossover which can also be used as a three channel network with a single input.

The crosspoint and filter slope of each input is independently set per channel by a plug-in circuit board. The Electronic Frequency Dividing Network is designed for use with studio monitor or sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems to provide a cleaner signal from the power source directly to the individual loudspeakers of the system.

By dividing the audio spectrum before power amplification, treble tones are separated from, and unaffected by, bass frequencies. The result is more efficient utilization of available amplifier power.

Direct coupling to the loudspeakers also eliminates the insertion loss typical of most passive networks and permits realization of the maximum damping factor available from a given amplifier. The , a dual-channel unit, can be used for biamplification of two loudspeaker systems or to control both transition points in a triamplified system. The latter can be accomplished by utilizing one channel for the lower crossover frequency and the other channel for the high frequency transition.

The is an electronic crossover network utilizing active filters. It provides adequate output to drive any quality amplifier, and operates at extremely low distortion levels at full rated output. A programmable high pass filter removes subsonic energy below the lowest usable speaker frequency. Cards with filter slopes of 18 dB per octave are available for crossover frequencies of 80 Hz, Hz, and Hz. In addition, cards are available with specific crossover characteristics for large JBL studio monitors.

Blank cards are also available to allow construction of circuitry for other crossover frequencies. The dual channels can be utilized for triamplification of a single loudspeaker system by connecting the low frequency output of one channel to the input terminals of the other channel. This allows separate, completely independent adiustment of the midrange and high frequencies.

The manual copy provided lists all the capacitors and resistors needed to convert the supplied cards to any of the above frequencies as your needs requires. Versatile is an understatement as this unit is packed with several set-up options!

An internal switch allows the low outputs to be summed as a single output for driving a subwoofer or left in stereo for main speaker use. Front panel controls independently set the high frequency output of each channel for balancing the system. These switchable subsonic high-pass filters allow the user to shape the low frequency cutoff characteristics with 8 possible roll-off contours including a flat setting which does not alter the corner region.


Download JBL 5235 docs - Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information



JBL / Urei 5235 Electronic Frequency Dividing Network / Crossover



JBL 2235H Speaker


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