Arashidal Determination of the recovery from creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery Testing methods for crease recovery of textiles — Part n Tests — Test A: Test methods Test Fe: Dynamic stress tests — Test 6d: Gravimetric method after chromatographic separation Iron and steel- Determination of sulfur content-Part 3: Terms and definitions B Leaf springs — Part 2: Housing shell electrical continuity Connectors for electronic equipment — Tests and measurements — Part Particular requirements for safety — Section 4: Wrought cobalt-chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloy Iron based alloys for surgical implant applications — Part 1: Particular requirements for safety — Luminaires with built?? Shock C Environmental testing — Part Measuring instruments used in transaction or h C Alternating-current watt-hour meters mis connection through instrument transformer — Part 1: Blank detail specification — Fixed polypropylene film dielectric metal foil d. Newer Post Older Post Home. Jis H Pdf — eBook and Manual Free download Phenol index Testing methods for water quality by flow analysis-Part 6: Determination of non-volatile matter content Testing methods for paint components — Part 4: Specifications Elastomeric seismic-protection isolators for buildings-Part 2: General Guidance ISO Methods for general application — Methods for determining the density — Water absorption tests — Shrinkage test Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables — Part Dynamic stress tests — Test 6a: Fixed pipette method Z Determination of particle size distribution by centrifugal liquid sedimentation methods — Part 2: Particular requirements for safety-Section 2: Chain-mail gloves and arm guards T Protective clothing — Gloves and arm guards protecting against cuts and stabs ijs hand knives — Part 3: Requirements for HV equipment for Voltages above 1 V a. Methods specific to elastomeric compounds — Ozone resistance, hot set and mineral oil immersion tests Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables — Part Sampling Testing Methods for Paints — Part 2: Solderability, wetting balance method Electromechanical components for electronic equipment — Basic testing procedures and measuring methods — Part Long-Period Performance of Film — Section 6: General principles for design B Safety of machinery — Pressure-sensitive protective devices-Part 1: Flowing mixed gas corrosion test Fire hazard testing — Part 5: Heat resistant silicone insulated cables Luminaires — Part 2: Fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains-Assessment level D C Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment-Part Specification and test uis. Methods for determination of silicon content Method for chemical analysis of manganese metal — Part 3: Guidance and test methods on the assessment of obscuration hazard of vision caused by smoke opacity from electrotechnical products involved in fires — Section Fixed metallized polypropylene film dielectric a.

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Hardness not in table of ASTM, is calculated by interpolation. The chemical composition shall conform to the requirements specified in clause 4. Company organization, y and quality. The tensile and bend test pieces shall be taken parallel to the rolling direction.

Table 6 Surface flaw depth of killed steel Unit: Provisions on defects other than holes and lamination, however, shall generally be applied to one side of the surface 4 of the steel sheet and coil. For steel strip and cut lengths thereof One test piece each for tensile and bend tests shall be taken from each test lot of the same heat rolled to the same thickness. Remarks 1 Flatness shall be measured by laying a steel sheet under its own mass on a flat surface plate, and the value of flatness shall be determined as the difference between the maximum deviation of convex from the flat surface and the nominal thickness of the steel sheet when its convex side is upper-most.

Domestic and commercial equipment. This table is not applicable to the steel sheet and coil that are as- annealed. Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres. Matters to be supphed by the purchaser are specified. In ISO, bendability and hard- ness were deleted at the revi- sion, and there is no provision for plastic strain ratio deter- mination.

The process DA means a process wherein wire rods having been cold worked are annealed and further finished by cold working or a process wherein wire rods are finished by cold working after annealing. Adds the specification item s or content s which are not included in International Standard. Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. Y and video engineering It is required to specify the inside diameter, the maximum outside diameter and the maximum mass of the coil.

Procedures of the investigation. Test method shall be in accordance with iis Since JIS products are for general use and acceptance inspection prior to shipment is not carried out normally, it is deleted. When it is infeasible to allow the centre of the test piece to be at a quarter-width from g side edge, the sampling should be performed as close to the aforementioned position as possible. Hot-rolled mild plates, sheets and strips intended for general fabricating purposes and drawing are specified.

The appearance is specified. Norma h ve references The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this Standard. When it is infeasible, however, the sampling should be made as close to the aforementioned position as possible.

Marking of seven items is specified. Tensile strain hardening ex- ponent is used rarely for cold-reduced carbon steel sheet. The relevant Minister and the Japanese Industrial T Committee are not responsible for identifying the patent right, application for a patent after opening to the public, utility model right or application for registration of utility model after opening to the public which have the said technical properties. However, the tolerances on thickness shall be in accordance with table 4 and the measurement of edge camber shall be carried out when requested by the purchaser.

Table 2 Chemical composition Unit: However, the values in table 3 shall be applied to those for delivery inspection 1. Wire rods Part 2: Over 4 to and inc!. Inspection observed by the purchaser is deleted in JIS. Related Posts.


JIS H 0404






JIS H0404对应中国标准、ISO标准是什么?谢谢!


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